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Ultimate Guide to Luxury Wig and Topper Care: Tools and Products

Ultimate Guide to Luxury Wig and Topper Care: Tools and Products

Discover the key to extending the life of your wigs and toppers with our comprehensive guide to essential tools and products. Show some love to your new hair by investing in high-quality products. WLBC has compiled a list of our top recommendations for maintaining the health and longevity of your favorite 100% Human Hairpieces. For your convenience, we have included links below to purchase all products and tools.



Extra Fine Pins: Secure attachment of your piece to your canvas mannequin head. These will allow you to secure your piece for easy styling off your own head! Quick Tip: Do not place these through the middle of your lace top. Secure at ear tabs. 

Canvas Block Mannequin Head with Clamp Stand: Durable and secure, this stand is designed for longevity, with proper instructions to avoid damage during use. Quick Tip: NEVER size up on your mannequin head, too large of a head form can stretch out your wig. The size you choose should be the same or smaller than your circumference measurement.

Tripod: The preferred choice for its adjustable height, offering flexibility in styling and maintenance sessions.

Clips for Styling: Affordable and effective, these clips, available at stores like Marshalls/TJ Maxx, are perfect for securing sections during styling.

Detangling Brush: Gentle and essential for knot-free maintenance, protecting your piece from unnecessary stress and tension.

Ceramic Round Brush: Ideal for styling and adding shape without compromising hair health.

Kristin Ess Curling Iron and Kristin Ess Flat Iron: Versatile tools for various styles, catering to different lengths with precision. Quick tip: Always use on medium or low heat setting


The Wizard - Amika: Top-rated detangler and heat protectant, our #1 recommendation for use on wet hair to safeguard against styling damage.


Heat Protection - Ouai: Tailored for dry hair, this thermal protectant shields your wig or topper from heat styling damage.


Shampoo and Conditioner: Opt for color-safe, gentle, and moisturizing formulas to maintain vibrancy and health.


Verb Ghost Oil: Light and perfect for mid to ends, enhancing shine without weighing down the hair.


Clear Brow Gel: Ideal for taming return hair, flyaways, and baby hairs for a polished look.

wig glue

Water Soluble Adhesive For Lace Toppers and Wigs: (for those who prefer to use glue with their lacefronts)   All of the WLBC wig caps are able to be worn glueless. They do not require any glue or tape. Bold Hold Liquid Gold is easily applied, and easy to remove with just a little water. This is a great option for additional security, without multiple day wear in mind. 


As always, we are here to support our clients! Please reach out for assistance. Happy Styling! 

*With Love Beauty Collective is not affiliated with any of the brands above, these products and tools are simply suggested for our clients based on our professional knowledge.



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